Monday, 2 June 2014

Quick painting test, unconscious meeting.

A quick half and hour piece to understand a few flaws with the concept i made the other day. This was produced to understand how glow effects, particles and painted textures would look when strewed together. Although the contrasting colours need more work and its still very underdeveloped. It tells me that both the characters need to have different facial structures, more lifelike and believable proportions and needs to establish more of the fact conscious is floating instead of creepily looking at Lilith.

The hair fibres work, but need to be much more finer and the facial structures are too imagined. Ill will need to find some references next time I paint faces. The particle glow around the crystal works to highlight a more focused appeal. Im quite pleased with the crystal as it attracts a good amount of reflection and attraction to the situation.

Its an idea saved for another day. But the lessons learnt today have already influenced another painting I am producing. And its going to be a good one. Until then, i might undertake some t-shirt designs involving wolves with swords… who knows.