Sunday, 1 June 2014

Lilith's Back, Everybody!!! oh, and some other small sketchbook work...

An unfinished section of a painting, titled, 'The Throne of Crows.' My main focus is trying to get a real sense of depth in this picture. And somehow fill it with threatening crows and a possible throne. 
Early design's of conscience and Lilith before i made them into what they are now.

Two design choices almost a year apart from one another. Its evident Lilith's design and even art-style changes whenever I produce a new drawing. At this stage, I'm coming up with a style that could one day be easy enough to animate but also have something thats stylistically pleasing to watch.

Small thumbnail idea for Lilith and conscious meeting. Punningly titled 'an unconscious meeting.' 

Painting Potential, maybe? 

I think Florence is evil, And somewhat incompitient.
Very long running joke. Jose is an accidental Anglo Saxon. Thats all you need to know.

Self explanatory, i want to do some clay modelling of Lilith sometime over the summer.

Ive actually competed a final design for this, but I'm considering placing the design on a shirt first before I put a digital watermarked copy online. (Its that valuable that I want to watermark it, MY GOD!!)