Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Knights Wolf, searching for his master. T-Shirt designs.

I got a little self conscious about these and added a watermark on top. I didn't want to, but after reading about Facebook and googles ownership of content, i got scared.

It was also good experiment to see how watermarks could be applied without ruining the image. 

I call it, 'sharing, but from a safe distance.'
Anyway about the actual work….
The slender body turned the fox to be more greyhound/wolf looking. The white padded slipper feet and paintbrush tail are influenced by my dog, who i miss since I've been away at uni… *sniff*
#Sword and Sworcery, dog, ink painting, Adventure YEAHH!!!
The first concept was going to be a sacred fox who was the protector of a key. I still kept the key wrapped around the kerchief the wolf wears, and added a badass sword. Maybe the wolf is finding his master, who the sword belongs to and is on a journey to find him.