Monday, 3 February 2014

\\\Fantasy Storyminds, Lets continue...

This is Childhood. His personality is always happy about life and always loves to play games. Often seen hanging upside-down from trees, it has come to the extent his own hair is stuck upwards. A knack for adventuring, he exists in the forest area of lilith's mind and happily joins her in exchange for a truly amazing adventure.

I'm satisfied with the left profile face. I also removed the top panel of the armour of that one to reveal more of the face from other angles.

I'm trying to think of an appropriate entity for this character. His personality is laid back, fairly sarcastic and he smokes a lot. When he's angry, his bitchiness becomes much worse, to an extent he himself starts to smoke. Oh and he wears a sweater/scalf. 

Some of the primarily sketches for childhood.