Monday, 27 January 2014

This week; Skyrim hyjinks and fantasy storyminds.

Ive been planning on making my own story for a while, So I focused this week on characterisation sketches when i have free time. (which is never)….
This is one character I can never get away from. The raincoat warrior who is stuck within her own mind. Inside it is a festation of black darkness slowly consuming her. She has to rescue pieces of herself and stop the evil shadows from completely taking over. Her conscience follows her around and offers advice.

I added armour on top of the regular coat getup and long hair (For some reason) to see how the story might progress.
It's a story, possibly. When I have time to develop it.
My Fake sky-rim character. He uses magic and complains. Currently on the run for burning down a magical college and travels with his new found companions into mischief and mayhem. 
Looks like a thief girl. Looks even more like someone from the 1930's, with that haircut. Can't decide yet but she has some charm to her face.
Skyrim parody of my friend fino. Hides biscuits in her hat and carries a gym like bag. Who knows what she has hidden….