Friday, 18 July 2014

An Interactive Digital Stories Project (And adorable french Books, OH LA LA!!)

I just this week arrived back in England after participating in the Digital Stories project, in Lille France.
I met students from across europe, who were also invited to partake, to use Laser pointed technologies and iPad systems, to see how we could create an interactive experience with 50 people playing at the same time. I had one week to produce a working product, while working in a team of three.

Website to the project;

 Facebook page,

Heres also a film of all the final outcomes for the week.  I produced the animated imagery for Project Silver Lining.

'silver lining' is a filmed interactive video, that the player could drawwith. The concept was to replicate  ink brush movements using the Lasers, which the player then draws and interacts with a series of filmed animated sequences to continue the imagery and enjoy the poem on a new level.

It was incredibly insightful to see how the gaming industries operates to produce anything interactive. And although one of the most tiring experiences of my life, it's something i would do all over again if i was asked.

Im also producing research for the university towards the development of E-books, but that still hasn't officially started yet, so not much information on that topic.

Other than that I've been watching Knights of Sidonia on Netflix. ITS SOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!

Some stylised changes to Lilith that Im thinking about photoshopping then animating in after effects.
-Im trying to go for a clean cut style, thats painted but very attractive when set in motion.
I acquired this Book from France. Im addicted to its lovely painted art style. The brush marks and the strong use of red relates to how i produced poppyseed almost four weeks ago.
The story itself has a very thought out narrative, that describes a lot with the few pages it has.

My new workspace I use in Cambridge. Until I start my final year at uni, it is used as a central hub for all my collected imagery.