Sunday, 6 September 2015

Walk cycle development week.

This weeks focused on making a character to use for producing a walk cycle in after effects.
My plan is to use Duik, a free plugin for After Effects to animate this knight character below, which will be designed in photoshop and Illustrator.

This is Fredrick. He is a notary knight who travels the world, signing deeds of peace to those who need it. His sword is made from the finest ink nib, given to him by the Earl of his realm. On his head is a bottle of ink; which is likes to carry there for safe keeping. And inside a giant bottle, tied to his back is a parchment for his next signing. Asked by his highness, he goes to places where her draws treaties with neighbouring countries, braving those kind and no so kind.

Like a turtle, he can hide inside his suit of armour and pretend to be a fancy pillar, when danger gets too much for him.

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