Thursday, 27 August 2015

Motion Graphic Week.

This week, I made some motion graphics using illustrator and After Effects.

Its not normally something I do, but I wanted a change in pace from the production of illustrative and 3D work. 

I utilised the Low-Poly mountain tutorial by Vincent from the Creative for wire-framing the background and combined the audio spectrum tutorial from Nick Wilt, to create the circular shape of the audio spectrum {I didn't know masks were that useful}

So, to Nick Wilt and Vincent from the creative dojo. I thank you.

It was my first time using colour adjusting, null objects, adjustment layers and Adobe Illustrator as well, so I was quite excited and impressed with the results I got.

The above gif was something I made on the spot, after being jazzed up from the audio-spectrum test. Its slicing in Illustrator, animated in after effects. Easy, but pleasing to look at.