Monday, 15 June 2015

Developmental background Art - Degree show animation.

Hi everybody, its been a long while.

For the past few months, ive been developing a final degree show animation which marks the end of my three year education, at Anglia Ruskin University. WHOO!!!

Although i would like to admit the past couple of days trying to compile a storyline and develop a visual style took the longest time. What i submitted for the degree show was unfinished but it was a great achievement in my books. I was happy to be apart of such a great event among other creatives who will be starting out in the industry this year.

The animation is titled 'The Great Doughnut Robbery' and im pleased to say its development is still underway.  Its a mix of noir filtered comedy, set in the evening 70's sun. Two officers, Tea and Cosco, {a bear and human} as they track down and try to apprehend the notorious doughnut bandit. (did i mention one was a bear?)

Ive enjoyed this experience and im still finding new ways to make it more and more interesting.

Ive also piqued interest from a few games designers who were looking for some background art on a potential 2D/3D indie game.

  So to mark this occasion, i have compiled some of my background shots that have currently been completed for the Degree show animation. There is a lot of material still being developed or wasn't good enough yet to make the cut. 

Also ill be at New Designers this July in London. A show for creatives to meet new businesses in hopes to make new contacts.