Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wunderkat and His Brother just can't get along.

Old wonder residence is filled with bears. They preserve trees that New wonder uses for their gain. The wise king of Old Wonder decreed that, old wonder should be run by Wunder's Brother in his absense.  He holds as much disagreement as the bears, and fights among them in the ranks, but some of the bears are despised by this decision. Why should the old kingdom be run by the brother of the enemy? 
New Wunder… Fittingly changed in the name of the King.  Their populace is filled with Wunderjacks. Humans who, cut down trees, to make Wunder happy. He absolutely despises bears, as much as their forests. Although his purposes are still unknown, all that I can say about him is; he's a ruthless dictator. Menacing, coy and unsettlingly calm. People say that when he opens his eyes, you see him for what he truly is, but by then, you are already dead.

Very short animation idea. Involves an egg and a flower. Probably only I understand.