Monday, 17 March 2014

Lighter side of my week; Character design for 12 principles of animation.

The more colourful designs of my week have been focused upon;
-----------------The 12 Principles Of animation -----------------
I've completed four so far. and have made them into gif files for you fine people to enjoy, from the comfort of your house (or boat)
I did some character design for the short 12 principles of animation brief set for uni. This character sheet shows appeal and solid design for the twelve principles.

I thought since I made a half parallax in the designs, I should make a gif out of it. I like it.

Using the same character, this time I've gif'd her doing the 'pose to pose' principle.

Just a nice fish gif at the end. Might show the principle 'squash and stretch' since its a water balloon.

Side note*
I also did some characterisation for my 'ideas through design' module, but its a little too big (A1) to fit under my scanner (A3). I will photograph them as soon as I've got the time to live life….